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Zeitschrift 'Museum Aktuell'

Package EXPOTIME! with MUSEUM AKTUELL Online (European readers)

  • From July 2019 onwards, you can read MUSEUM AKTUELL Online and EXPOTIME! in a package - i.e. more than 600 pages a year. Both magazines of the package contain exciting, richly illustrated contributions of well-known journalists and museum professionals, are scientifically written and edited with care, designed for transferability, oriented on currently important topics and full of suggestions. In short: a set magazine for the employees of each museum.
    Please register here: https://www.museumaktuell.de/index.php?site=register_ebook&TM=1 (An English version can be found at the bottom)
    The format of the package is Flipbook in eBook technology. Technical requirements: PC. Readable with HTML5 or Flash or a free flipbook reader. The format allows the following options:
    - Book-like optics, turning of pages 
    - Full screen
    - videos integrated in the text 
    - Full text search
    - active links to websites and eMails
    - Infinitely variable zoom (including adjustment to page width)
    - Fast jump to desired pages
    - Print of pages is possible
    - Marking and copying of text passages
    - Thumbnail display of double pages
    Access to the  package with password or - for larger institutions, universities or libraries - up to 5 unlocked IP addresses.
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