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Ausstellungsbesucher, Museumsprofis und Journalisten finden hier ein Museumsportal mit einer Fülle an Zusatzinformationen sowie Angaben zu Sonderausstellungen, Leihausstellungen, nahen Klöstern, Kunsthändlern, historischen Hotels und Gaststätten.. Abgedeckt werden nach ICOM Museen, Ausstellungshallen, Science Centers, Botanische Gärten, Zoos etc Geographisch decken wir den gesamten deutschsprachigen Raum (Museen in Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz) ganz Europa (Museen in Italien, Spanien, Island usw.), die europäische Türkei und Israel ab. SQL-Datenbankabfrage sowie oben Abfrage des gesamten Portals mittels Google.Viel Vergnügen!

Museen bitte beachten: Hier müssen Sie Ihre Daten online selbst pflegen! Wir helfen gerne.

This museum module covers Europe, European Turkey and Israel. According to ICOM we include museums, exhibition halls, science centers, botanical gardens, zoos etc. Additional hints to exhibitions, near monasteries, art dealers, historical hotels and restaurants. SQL-query with additional Google search tool for the whole portal. Enjoy!

Museums, please consider: Here you have to care for your own data via online CMS! We enjoy to help.

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Folk Art and Ethnography Museum of Regina and Justinas Jonusos (Private museum)

Zemaitija (Samogitia) National Park
LT- Godeliai (Telsiai)

Google Maps

Info Telefon: +370-448-48719

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"The museum displays an abundant and diverse collection of wood carvings, paintings, and iron crosses created by Regina and Justinas Jonusai as well as by handicraft masters from other regions. Among the exhibits there are many sculptures of a famous Samogitian folk artist and wood carver Stanislovas Riauba of Godeliai origin. An of ancient objects is also stored in the museum. " (Museums of Lithuania)

Gaulenai Village Museum

LT- Gaulenai (Luoke) (Telsiai)

Google Maps

Info Telefon: +370-444-41170

Granary of the Ethnographer Kazys Striaupa

Zemaitija (Samogitia) National Park
LT- Dovainiai (Telsiai)

Google Maps

Info Telefon: +370-448-49432

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"The granary museum stores and displays woodcarvings of Kazys Striauba. The ethnographer carves the sculptures of the Saints, Jesus Christ`s life and death scenes, the Shrovetide Carnival masks, and sculptures depicting country life. " (Museums of Lithuania)

L. Cerniauskas Studio of Painting, Wood Carving and Ancient Objects

Zemaitija (Samogitia) National Park
LT- Babrungenai Mill, Plunge district (Telsiai)

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Tel.: +370-610-29431

Info Telefon: +370-448-50658

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"In 1816, near the source of the river Babrungas, the owners of Plateliai manor the Counts Suazeliai constructed a stone water mill. In 1989 the mill was purchased by the artist L. Cerniauskas who repaired the building and established there an art gallery-creative studio. " (Museums of Lithuania)

Nausodis local lore museum

Nausodis basic school
LT- Nausodis (Telsiai)
 Kinderfreundliches Museum / suitable to children

Google Maps

Info Telefon: +370-448-44353

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"The presents the archaeology and ethnography of Nausodis area. " (Museums of Lithuania)

History and ethnography museum of the Youth school of Plunge (Private museum)

The Youth school, 89 J. Tumo-Vaizganto St.
LT-5640 Plunge (Telsiai)
 Kinderfreundliches Museum / suitable to children

Google Maps

Info Telefon: +370-448-58920

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"The museum was opened in 1997. The contains historical and ethnographic items, exponents of numismatics and the old printings. " (Museums of Lithuania)

Plunge A. Jucys secondary school history museum

32 A. Vaisvilos St.
LT-5640 Plunge (Telsiai)
 Kinderfreundliches Museum / suitable to children

Google Maps

Info Telefon: +370-448-53540

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"The museum was founded in 1990. The presents the school’s history, the education history of Plunge City and also tells about live and activity of academic A. Jucys. " (Museums of Lithuania)

Museum of Militarism

Zemaitija (Samogitia) National Park
LT-71093 Ploksciai (Telsiai)

Google Maps

Info Telefon: +370-448-49231

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
from 1st May till 31st August daily 10 a.m., 12 a.m., 2 p.m., 4 p.m., 6 p.m.

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"When the United States started building underground military bases, the Soviet Union felt it had to maintain its military advantage. For that reason in September 1960 in the village of Ploksciai the Soviets began to build rapidly an underground military base, one of the first in the S. U. On December 31, 1962 the construction was completed.
Ten thousand soldiers constructed the base.
Four R12 nuclear missiles of 22 meters high, including the 3 meters war head, were install led in the silos.
Soldiers and officers were removed from the base on June 18,1978.
Now tourists can visit the underground and the missile silos labyrinth, see the depth of it and get some knowledge of the attributes of the Soviet Army.
In 1995 a militarism museum was founded in the former area of the Rocketry Base. " (Museums of Lithuania)

Zemaiciai Museum ‘‘Alka’‘

31 Muziejaus St
LT-87357 Telsiai / Telschen (Telsiai)

Google Maps

Info Telefon: +370-444-70282

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
ATTENTION: Closed for rebuilding.

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"The museum contains collections of archaeological finds, numismatics, exhibits related to history and nature of the Zemaiciai area and fine art.

Funds are made up of ethnographic, archaeological collections, applicable folk and figurative art works, historical collections (photos, documents, cartographic publications, books), cultural inheritance (legacy) of manors (pictures, furniture, books, sculptures, archives), examples of applied art, negatives and filmed materials; copious Educational Archive (collected recollections, diaries, educational works). " (Museums of Lithuania)

The Samogitian-Japanese Homestead Museum of Alfredas Jonusas

88, Muziejaus St.
LT-87381 Telsiai / Telschen (Telsiai)

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Tel.: +370-444-51367

Info Telefon: +370-444-70763

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"Craftsman and jeweler Alfredas Jonusas is the founder of the museum and the Japanese Association. He himself conceived and designed the Island of the Oriental Sun: Japanese-Samogitian Homestead Museum. Visitors may enjoy views of a model of the oldest “Horuji pagoda” (Buddhist temple), a copy of the “Okame” mask which belonged to the aristocratic “Nor” theatre, and scenic views of the “Kabuki” traditional Japanese theatre. The most popular symbols of Japanese culture are also presented, such as the teahouse at the base of Mount Fuji and Buddha sculptures.
An exhibition in memory of the artist’s father, Pranas Jonusas, a self-educated mechanic, has been set up in the former hunting cabin. Part of this exhibition is dedicated to the “Dievo Krëslas,” political dissidents who hid in this forest. " (Museums of Lithuania)

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