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Ausstellungsbesucher, Museumsprofis und Journalisten finden hier ein Museumsportal mit einer Fülle an Zusatzinformationen sowie Angaben zu Sonderausstellungen, Leihausstellungen, nahen Klöstern, Kunsthändlern, historischen Hotels und Gaststätten. Abgedeckt werden analoge Museen, Ausstellungshallen, Science Centers, Botanische Gärten, Zoos etc (Definition nach ICOM, keine nur-digitalen Museen, keine Privatsammlungen oder verkaufende Privatgalerien). Geographisch decken wir ganz Europa, die europäische Türkei und Israel ab. SQL-Datenbankabfrage sowie oben Abfrage des gesamten Portals mittels Google. Viel Vergnügen!

Museen bitte beachten: Hier müssen Sie Ihre Daten online selbst pflegen! Wir helfen gerne.

This museum module covers Europe, European Turkey and Israel. According to ICOM we include analogue museums, exhibition halls, science centers, botanical gardens, zoos etc., not private collections, selling art galleries or digital-only museums. Additional hints to exhibitions, near monasteries, art dealers, historical hotels and restaurants. SQL-query with additional Google search tool for the whole portal. Enjoy!

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==> Land/Country="GR"   Bundesland/State="Zentralmakedonien / Central Makedonia"
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Museum of Byzantine Culture

2 Stratou Avenue
GR-54013 Thessaloniki (Zentralmakedonien / Central Makedonia)

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Fax.: +30-2310-838.597

Info Telefon: +30-2310-868.570

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Monday: 13:00 - 19:30 h
Tuesday - Sunday: 8:00 - 19:30 h
The Museum of Byzantine Culture is closed on 25 - 26 December, 1 January, 25 March, Orthodox Easter Sunday and 1 May.

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
2,900 artefacts, organised in display units which narrate, in chronological order, "short stories" that present, in a comprehensive and pleasant way, aspects of byzantine art and culture, from its origins in late antiquity (3rd - 4th c. A. D.) to the Fall of Constantinople (1453), as well as survivinng aspects of the former culture to the ages after the Fall to the 19th century. Frescoes, mosaics, icons, marble architectural members, integrally detached frescoed early christian burials, valuable ecclesiastic utensils, objects of personal ornament, but also humble functional objects of everyday use present aspects of life in Byzantium, from the organisation of religious and social life and the artistic and intellectual production to private life and activities in the market, the countryside and the sea.
The exhibits are displayed not merely as works of art, but as witnesses to the culture that created them and the society that used them, within an informational framework of information on their original context and function.
Historische Hotels / Historic hotels

Thessaloniki Cinema Museum

Port, A-Warehouse
GR-54110 Thessaloniki (Zentralmakedonien / Central Makedonia)

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Fax.: 2310 508397

Info Telefon: 2310 508398

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Summer: Mon-Fri: 10:00-15:00 h
Winter: Mon, Fri & Sat: 10:00-15:00 h
Tue, Wed & Thu: 10:00-22:00 h.
Historische Hotels / Historic hotels

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

Andronikou Man. 6
GR-54621 Thessaloniki (Zentralmakedonien / Central Makedonia)

Google Maps

Info Telefon: 2310-830538

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours

Historische Hotels / Historic hotels

Art Gallery of the Society for Macedonian Studies

1 Nikolaou Germanou Street
GR-54621 Thessaloniki (Zentralmakedonien / Central Makedonia)

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Fax.: +30 2310-271501

Info Telefon: +30 2310-238601

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Sunday-Friday 09.00-14.00
Historische Hotels / Historic hotels

Thessaloniki Museum of the Macedonian Struggle

23 Proxenou Koromila
GR-54622 Thessaloniki (Zentralmakedonien / Central Makedonia)

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Fax.: +30-2310-233108

Info Telefon: +30-2310-229778, 233108

Träger/Financial provider:
Association of Friends of the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Tuesday-Friday: 09.00-14.00
Wednesday: 18.00-20.00
Saturday & Sunday: 11.00-14.30

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
The Museum of the Macedonian Struggle opened in 1981 in a Neoclassical building that was built (financed by the national benefactor Andreas Syngros) in the centre of Thessaloniki at the end of the 19th century and designed by Ernst Ziller. The building housed the Greek consulate general from 1893 to 1912. The museum is privately owned.

Weaponry, uniforms, memorabilia of the leaders of the Macedonian Struggle (1904–1908), numerous other uniforms, and a collection of 1,350 contemporary photographs.
Historische Hotels / Historic hotels

Ataturk Museum

75, Apostolou Pavlou Street
GR-54623 Thessaloniki (Zentralmakedonien / Central Makedonia)

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Fax.: +30 2310-248450

Info Telefon: +30 2310-248452

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Daily: 10.00-17.00 h

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey, was born in this house in 1881. In 1935, the City Council gave it to the Turkish state, which converted it into a museum. BestandteilDBVCMSMuc2006
Historische Hotels / Historic hotels

Thessaloniki Centre of Jewish Historical Studies

24 Tsimiski Street
GR-54624 Thessaloniki (Zentralmakedonien / Central Makedonia)

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Fax.: (2310) 229063

Info Telefon: (2310) 272840

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Postal address: P.O. Box 10098, 54110 Thessaloniki
Historische Hotels / Historic hotels

Water Museum of Thessaloniki

GR-54627 Thessaloniki (Zentralmakedonien / Central Makedonia)

Google Maps

Info Telefon: +30-2310-514029
Historische Hotels / Historic hotels

The Crypt of Aghios Demetrios

Aghiou Demetriou Street
GR-54630 Thessaloniki (Zentralmakedonien / Central Makedonia)

Google Maps

Info Telefon: +30-2310-270591

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Tuesday-Saturday: 08.00-20.00
Sunday: 11.00-20.00
January 6th, Shrove Monday, Holy Saturday, Easter Monday,
Holy Spirit, 28th October:11.00-20.00
25th-26th December, January 1st, 25th March
Good Friday, Easter Sunday, May 1st: closed

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
"Following the 1917 fire catastrophe, the church had to be restored for decades. The excavations, conducted in the 1930s and 1940s, brought to life some interesting items that may be seen in a museum situated inside the church's crypt. The excavations uncovered the ruins of a roman bath where St. Demetrius had been held prisoner and later executed. A roman well was discovered too and it is believed that its the same well that the soldiers who executed St. Demetrius dropped his body later. The church has been inscribed on the World Heritage List since 1988." (Wikipedia)
Historische Hotels / Historic hotels

Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki

154, Egnatia St. (International Fair grounds)
GR-54636 Thessaloniki (Zentralmakedonien / Central Makedonia)

Google Maps

Kontakt / Contact:
Tel.: +30 2310 281567
Fax.: +30 2310 281567

Info Telefon: +30 2310 240002 / 281212

Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours
Tuesday-Saturday: 10.00-14.00, 18.00-21.00 h
Sunday: 11.00-15.00 h

Sammelschwerpunkte/Main collections
At present the MMCA's permanent collection comprises 1,800 works by Greek and foreign artists, it is constantly being augmented by gifts from collectors, artists, gallery owners, and private individuals and constantly presented in the museum' s new wing. Major donors are, first and foremost, Alexandros Iolas, followed by Franz Geierhaas, Magda Kotzia, Alexandros and Dorothy Xydis, Georgios Aperghis, and Natalia, Angeliki, and Xenis Sahinis.

Apart from the permanent display, the MMCA has mounted over 100 exhibitions of works by Greek and foreign artists: retrospectives of the work of Tsarouchis, Tsoclis, Kontoglou, Chatzikyriakou-Gika, Kokkinidis, Fassianos, Spyropoulos, Psychopaidis, Pavlos, Kessanlis, Akrithakis, Warhol, Katzourakis, and Perdikidis have been held for the first time in Greece; and other exhibitions have been devoted to the works of Fluxus, Robert and Sonia Delaunay, Matta, Viallat, Beuys, Uecker, Greenaway, Hockney, Ernst, Barlach, Beckmann, Zervos, Kaniaris, Varotsos, Taki, Molfessis, Lazongas, Papadimitriou, Antonakos, Zongolopoulos, Mytaras, Triandafyllou, Ekonomopoulos, Alithinos, Theodoulos, and many other artists. The MMCA has published more than fifty bilingual catalogues to accompany solo and group exhibitions.
Historische Hotels / Historic hotels

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